Things I Learned About Gardening: Part Two

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

About two years ago I got the great idea of starting a garden.  That ended pretty poorly, but I learned a great lesson from it.

Lesson 1:  If you want to grow a garden, you can't abandon it after planting seeds.

Who would have thought?

Anyway, now that I'm back at my parents house again (wooo 28 and living in the parent's basement!) I decided to give it another go.  And this time I wasn't going to move away days after starting my garden.

So how did it go this time?

Very, very, slightly, maybe, marginally better.

I was definitely more diligent this time around. I (almost always) regularly watered my plants. I started them indoors to start the seedlings.  I even built a cool little garden bed out of a old wooden pallet (how Pinterest-y of me!).  I planted several different types of veggies.  I figured veggies would be better than flowers this time around since I would actually get food at the end of the whole thing and thought that might motivate me more.

I had planted tomatoes, peppers, carrots, lettuce, spinach, and squash, but despite my huge increase in dedication this time around, I manage to come out with only a handful of very late season tomatoes. 

So although I only came out of this with a few tomatoes, I did also come out with another important lesson:

Lesson 2: The soil/fertilizer is CRUCIAL.

See, when my tomato plants were growing they were a little too close to each other so I had to pull out the weakest looking ones to give the healthier ones more room to grow.  I basically had a pile of tomato plant rejects that I was just going to toss.

My mom took them instead and put them in her own planters and used a special soil mix.  I swear within a day those little loser plants were triple the size of my prized picks.

I spent the rest of the summer watching her plants explode to life while mine kinda sorta sprouted a couple of flowers.

In the end I think we got 2 or 3 of the smallest tomatoes from my plant, while all of the others came from my moms.

Nothing else of mine grew at all.

And despite taking lots of pictures of the whole process I somehow deleted everything but this one tomato picture off my phone.  Not that there was much to show.  That's just being a bad blogger though, not a bad gardener.

So for next year I'll be sure to use good soil and not abandon my plants.  I'll be living off the land in no time.

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