A Surprise Proposal!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

This post is a couple weeks over due, but it was a fun event so I'd like to make sure I document it.

One of my best friend's boyfriend reached out to us saying that he wanted to propose to our her and that he wanted us to be there after he did it.

The plan was that they would leave the house around 7 to go get dinner down the street, we'd all sneak into their apartment after they left, and then he would text us when they were leaving the restaurant so we could shut off lights, etc. and be ready to jump out and surprise her.

The "surprise" crew.
Our plan was going smoothly until we were waiting for the "On our way" text.  We had been getting updates from him all night, but for some reason when he sent that text to the group chat, two out of the three people didn't receive it.  The third person didn't see it right away.  Every light in the house was on and we had music playing in the kitchen.  He looked down at his phone and said "On our way!" and we all got excited.  Then he realized it had been sent five minutes prior.  The restaurant was about a 6 minute walk away from their house.  We had about 30 seconds to hit all of the lights, shut off the music, and find places to hide.
We really went all out with our decorations.

About 10 seconds after we got the last light off, the front porch sensor light kicked on.  I was shaking... partially from excitement, partially from the stress of nearly destroying this wonderfully planned proposal.

Then an alarm on my cell phone went off.  I guess it was a plus and a minus that it was all the way in the kitchen.  A plus because they couldn't hear it outside on the porch, but a minus because I was not in the kitchen and had to run through a dark strange house trying to get to it.

I managed to shut my phone up and got back into place just in time to hear it all happen.  It was adorable and ended up with my friend laughing, crying, and loudly announcing that she had snot all over her hand... so probably about how most proposals go.

After that, his plan was to open the door, hit the lights, and yell "She said yes!" and we'd all jump out to surprise her.  He forgot to hit the lights though.  So instead he walked in and yelled, she thought he was just being a dork yelling to an empty house, and then she was almost scared half to death as a dozen screams and flashes of lights came at her from all angles.
At least he's trying to protect her...
Luckily we got the lights on quickly and she didn't hate us for terrifying her.  We had lots of food and drinks and relived the moment several dozen times.  Overall a really fun night for all those involved.  Yay Lynsey and Drew!

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