Friday, December 4, 2015

I'm pretty much fascinated by anything supernatural or mystical, however I always find myself far too cynical to ever believe most of the stories I hear.  My experience today probably won't change that, but it was too strange to not share.

Josh had an interview a couple towns away from where I work.  He also had to head down to the cape for his drill weekend.  He was going to pick up lunch for us after his interview and join me at my office to eat.

He texted me to say he was leaving the interview and heading to Panera.  A little bit later I got this sudden wave of anxiety and an image of him getting into an accident on his way to see me.  I'll occasionally get anxious or stressed about imaginary situations and I can get carried away.  I quickly said to myself "stop it, you're getting worked up over nothing." That tends to be the easiest way to just stop my imagination.

About three minutes later I got a text from Josh... he had just gotten into a fender bender.

Thankfully he is fine.  Other than a dented bumper and some frustration there was no real damage.

When he finally made it to my office and I talked to him he said that after the accident happened he got out of the car and exchanged information with the guy, then got back in his car and texted me. Which means the accident happened just three or four minutes before I got his text.

I know this is just a weird coincidence.  But, wow.

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