Hurling At Fenway

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Last week Josh and I had tickets to see a hurling match at Fenway Park.  We headed into Boston and met up at The Baseball Tavern with someone he deployed with and her husband.  I met a lot of the people he deployed with before he left, but I haven't seen any of them since he spent close to a year living with them.  It was great to hear some of the stories they shared.  Especially since he talked about these people on a regular basis and I felt like I knew them already.

The forecast called for a small chance of rain that day, which naturally meant it rained ALL day for us. Fortunately it was really just a constant drizzle and, for mid-November, it actually wasn't too cold.  

We got to sit in seats that we'd never be able to afford if we were there for a Red Sox game, so that alone was awesome. 

I will admit that I never really watched hurling while I was living in Dublin, but since it was Dublin vs. Galway (and Josh had lived in Galway), I felt it was only natural that I rooted for Dublin.  I really didn't know much about the sport, but it was definitely fun to watch.  Of course Dublin led the first three quarters and then lost the game in just the last few minutes.

The Dropkick Murphys were performing after the match but by this point we had all been out in the rain for a several hours so we decided to head to O'Leary's in Brookline.  There's nothing quite like a warm cozy pub after a long day in the chilly rain.  

I'm hoping that they bring hurling back to Boston next year... and in the meantime I'm actually going to make an effort to watch some matches so I have a clue of what is going on when we go back!

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