Annual Sales Meeting

Monday, February 1, 2016

This week was our annual sales meeting with work.  All of our staff from around the country come to the area and it's three days of meeting and activities.

This involved a day long meeting on Tuesday (which I kept getting pulled out of since I work in two different departments) and then a dinner that night.  We went to Temazcal Tequila Cantina were I had the best sangria I have ever had.  Seriously.  I texted people about it.

In the past it was only the outside staff who went to this dinner but since the structure of the company changed a bit this past year some of the inside staff was invited as well.  We weren't, however, invited to stay at the hotel that night (we could Wednesday night) which meant I had to drive people back and forth and then do the 40 minute drive home.

Our meeting Wednesday was with the entire US staff (a whopping 34 of us) at the hotel.  Around 2pm our meeting ended and we headed into Boston for our team building activity.  We only find out what we are doing once we get to the activity.  Last year it was a scavenger hunt at the Museum of Science. This year it was a food challenge / cooking class at a restaurant in the North End called Taranta.  We split into four groups, each group in charge of one part of our meal. We got a list of clues that led us around the North End to find the ingredients we needed.  After gathering everything we headed back the the restaurant where our guest chef taught my group how to make tortoloni and gnocchi.  Wine was flowing and we were able to get very hands on with our pasta. I don't cook often but this kind of motivated me to do it more frequently.
We had caprese salad, our pasta, a chicken and pork dish, and then tiramisu for dessert.  All made by us!

We had some time to kill before our next activity so a few people went down to Mike's Pastry while the rest of us headed to a bar for a few drinks (one of the main themes of the annual sales meeting is alcohol).

From there we went to Improv Asylum.  I had been once in college, but I had a lot of fun being with such a big group. I'm sure we were annoying to the smaller groups that were there, but we all definitely enjoyed ourselves.

A group went out to another bar and karaoke after the show but many of us headed back to the hotel.  I was ready for bed, but I was guilt tripped into at least staying up in the hotel bar for a while.  When I finally escaped around midnight I ended up going back to my room and working for a little while before passing out.

The third and final day started around 8am and was another several hours of hotel conference room meetings.   The annual sales meeting week is always a lot of fun but it is so exhausting.  Even more so because you can't work for three days but still have your regular workflow coming in.  I spent all of the next day and a half just trying to sort through my inbox before I could even start getting anything done. 

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