Stop Time

Monday, February 8, 2016

Unless temperatures are below freezing my dog almost always wants to be outside.  We laugh at him because he lays at the top of our deck stairs like a sphinx and just stares out into the yard for hours on end.

This past week we had some amazingly warm weather (around 60 the first week of February!) and after my normal weekend morning rush of waking up, walking the dog, throwing in laundry, grocery shopping, etc. I looked outside to see Mac looking out over his kingdom.

I decided to join him for a minute.

I suddenly became completely overwhelmed at how much I've missed just stopping and taking a moment to look around me.  I feel like I am constantly, frantically going.  To and from work, the gym, chores, hobbies.  Even when I'm "doing nothing" I feel compelled to binge watch a show or get through whatever book I'm reading.  Whenever it's possible I'm multitasking.  Listening to audiobooks on my drives and on my walks.  Reading blogs on breaks from work.  Working on sewing projects as soon as I'm home for the night while simultaneously trying to catch up on tv shows. There is just constantly something going on.

I honestly can't remember the last time I just sat and appreciated the sun and the trees and the sounds of outside.  There is so much beauty out there, even in winter, that I used to appreciate on a daily basis, but I've somehow fallen out of touch with it.

It's all my own fault, of course.  I enjoy accomplishing things, creating things with my own hands, but I've somehow forgotten to appreciate not doing all of those things.

I need to start remembering to make time to sit outside with Mac.  I need to start walking in the woods again, and leave the damn audiobooks behind.  I may never stop with the constant go, go, going, but I need make a stronger effort to fit in the stop time as well.

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