Iceland: Day 2

Monday, September 12, 2016

As much as I enjoyed my 12 hours of sleep, my whole body hurt the next morning from not moving for that long.  It was totally worth it.  I ate some road side pastries and some instant coffee then we checked out of the hostel and hit the road.

We headed south/east to our first stop, Seljalandsfoss Waterfall.  I think when I started researching Iceland that was one of the most striking pictures I saw initially.  There is basically a cave that runs behind this waterfall with a small dirt trail that allows you to see the waterfall from the backside.

A little farther beyond Seljalandsfoss were a few more waterfalls.  One had a semi-treacherous climb up to a spot where you could look down into a cavern where the water fell.  One of my favorite parts of Iceland was that they pretty much allow you to go anywhere you wanted.  There were warning signs where things might be dangerous, but they trusted you to be aware of your surroundings and careful of flora/fauna.  On this climb there were a few spots that would definitely be considered a "lawsuit waiting to happen" here, but in Iceland it's more just "use common sense".  Perhaps that's because there is a certain type of person that would visit Iceland and a certain type that wouldn't, or maybe it's because it just hasn't become an issue yet but things will start getting more restrictive as time goes on and tourism grows... I'm not sure.

After Seljalandsfoss we drove on to Skógafoss Waterfall. This was another big beautiful waterfall... with a rainbow in front of it to emphasize the beautiful.  Next to the waterfall was a 500+ step staircase that took you to the top of the falls.  It was an exhausting climb up and the wind was unbelievable, but the view was amazing.  There were also trails that followed along the river that led up to the waterfall.  If I had known there was so much to explore up there I would have budgeted some more time to explore.  We did sit down along the trail for a while to just take it all in.  Or maybe it's just because our legs were tired...

Our next stop was the Sólheimasandur DC 3 Plane crash.  This is where a US Navy plane crash landed in 1973.  Everyone on board survived the crash, but the fuselage was left behind.  It is a 2.5 mile walk from the road to the crash site and, while it was pretty cool to see, Josh and I agreed that the 5 mile round trip walk was not really worth it.  I did get some awesome pictures there though.

We continued on from there to Vik where we checked into Hostel Vik.  We stopped at a grocery store to pick up something to cook and were shocked to see that even the small town grocery store prices were crazy.  A pound of ground beef was over $10 for what we could get here for under $5.  Chicken was also about double what it would be here.  Let's just say we got very creative with our meals while we were in Iceland.

Before we headed back to make dinner we stopped quickly at Dyrhólaey while the sun was setting around us.  We got a beautiful view of the black sand beaches and the huge waves that crashed along the rock.

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