Sunday, July 9, 2017

This isn't really blog post worthy, but it was so strange that I wanted to write it down so I don't forget it down the road.

This past weekend two of my best friends got married (which actually is blog post worthy)!  Before the ceremony the bridal party and the groom's mother were all in the bride's house getting ready.

There were six or so of us sitting around the kitchen table.  The groom's mother was talking to a couple of people and I was having a separate conversation with someone else.  As my conversation ended I turned to the other group and just heard someone say "high school".

I quickly jumped in saying how I had the weirdest dream the night before that I was back at Dracut High and I was trying over and over again to get into my locker but I kept forgetting the combination.
Everyone at the table just looked at me, confused.

"Wait, did you not just hear what she was saying?" the bride said.

"No, what?" I replied.

"She was just describing the dream she had last night where she was back at Dracut High trying to get into her locker but couldn't remember her combination."

I'm sure there is a very logical reason why that would happen (we were both probably trying to not forgot anything we needed for the wedding the next day), but I still can't help but feel that the human mind is the most amazing thing.

MiM Reunion in London

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Better late than never right Inna?

In January our little group of Smurfit MiM girls had a reunion in London.  I believe it was the first time we were all together since our graduation in 2012.

Everyone arrived at different times on Thursday so instead of trying to plan a dinner we just ordered Thai to be delivered.  And, in this magical day and age, we could also get wine delivered.  I haven't lived in a city since I was in Dublin in 2012 so things like wine delivery were almost mind blowing. What was even better was that both deliveries arrived at the same time despite coming from different places.

In continuing with our take-out theme, the next morning we decided to order donuts and coffees to be delivered. We literally spent the entire day lounging on the couches just catching up on life.  Luckily I've been to London a few times before so I didn't feel the need to go out and be a tourist because simply hanging out was exactly what we all wanted to do.

We did manage to drag ourselves off the couches for a boozy lunch but then it was right back in for naps to prepare for dinner.

Dinner was at Tapas Brindisa (in Shoreditch, not the one in Southwark that we sent Desiree to first... whoops).  I think we ordered one (or two) of everything on the menu along with several pitchers of sangria. We initially had plans to go out after dinner, but I think we all heard the couches call us from our Airbnb.

The next day we decided that we HAD to actually do something in London (other than sit and eat) so we headed to the Tower of London.  We didn't spend a ton of time there before we decided to head down to the river for a little boat cruise (I think it was really just a water taxi, but they sold alcohol so 'cruise' sounds more appropriate).

We went back for more lounging (notice a theme to this weekend?) and rest up for our big fancy dinner at City Social.  This was our "treat yo self" night of the trip (though really I think ordering donuts and wine to be delivered to your apartment probably falls under that same category...).  I could probably go into a lot of detail about what City Social was like, but I feel like sharing a picture of the view from a toilet stall can sum it up much better than words can.
I managed to stay on US time the entire time I was in London so while I'm normally the type who is ready for bed after going out for a dinner,  I was actually up for doing a little more.
We ended up at the Cocktail Trading Co. where we got to try all sorts of weird concoctions... one of my drinks came in a can of Spam and had ice cream.  It was strange but a lot of fun.

I feel like this whole summary of the trip is talking a lot about what we did, but it is definitely not capturing the amount of fun that we all had over this weekend.  Some how a group of people who haven't been all together in almost five years can spend an entire weekend together and reconnect like nothing had changed.  We pretty much only left our apartment to eat and yet it was still an amazing trip.  Actually, now that I'm  writing all of this down I'm desperate to do it again... I'm texting everyone right now.